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     If you are coming to Brazil with a group organized by yourself, as for a wedding, rodeo, festivals, school group, meeting a Family member after a working period, on business or even a congress, why not hire a private guide during part of your stay who could help you to organize it with some good logistics advice before making a final decision? This way of planning your trip can save time and a lot of undesirable side effects. Transportation or just a simple transfer to other cities can be more interesting if done by car enjoying the attractions on the way up to your destination, normally with overnights and starting in Rio de Janeiro. Pick up or drop off at Sao Paulo airport (Guarulhos) is a very interesting option!
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        Attention american citizens: Check if you need your VISA for Brazil ! Try to optimize and plan the logistics of your trip with extra care. Please, take note of the email address on the picture at the bottom of this page. It cannot be copied and pasted into your email address book, so be careful when typing it in your email header. Always confirm your domestic flights, inform your BANK about your trip so your CC will not be blocked and do not forget your PIN number !           
NOTE: Since June 2021 after 29 years of good and reliable services, tours with the Jeep are NOT available anymore. Jeep was sold and is now "living" in São Paulo. Good times are gone ! Pandemia effect. I am still using my old white Fiat SW, mainly due to safety and logistics reasons.


                               Thanks for your understanding.

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The Jeep has been retired, it is  now  with another owner in São Paulo.  This was caused  bu sieffect of Covid-19
             Grumari Beach: It is hard to believe that this isolated pristine beach is within the city limits! Most visitors to Rio do not have the opportunity to visit this beautiful beach where Michael Caine and Demi Moore filmed some memorable scenes for the movie "Blame it on Rio". Grumari Beach located 30 miles (45 km) west of the center of the city in an Environmental Protected area (APA) is not part of the canned tours of Rio, but can be part of your memories!
Tours in Rio, Brazil and South America  
         Private Tours has been offering Tours on a private basis for 29 years and more than 5700 satisfied clients fully documented ! Due to increasing traffic and safety problems mainly in big cities, we are concentrating our tours outside the city area as short trips, sometimes combining business trips with some relaxing touring in deep contact with Nature and local culture. This is a different way to learn about the history of Brazil and can be easily absorbed and understood the way it is offered and depends highly on how much time you have for it.
         Private Tours offers You a personalized experience combining our know-how with your personal profile, needs and wallet. Some of the suggested destinations are: Paraty, Ilha Grande, Tiradentes and Ouro Preto, Porto Seguro (where the Portuguese first arrived in 1500), the fascinating Amazon basin and Pantanal, Jaguar Spotting, Bird watching, mining and semi-precious stones rock hound, where you can mine on your own and buy what you have found ( the negotiation is very interesting and sometimes can take hours!); Bolivia and Peru are also very special destinations with their contrast between the Altiplano and the Amazon basin mainly if done by land leaving or entering Brazil at Corumbá, Assis Brasil, Cruzeiro do Sul or Tabatinga. Flights may be used to cover some domestic distances to save time.
         Tips for your arrival in Rio by plane, bus or ship are available under request. Interstate or intercity transfers are also an interesting option to be considered. Tours to the Northeast of Brazil as Sete Cidades National Park ( Piauí state) and Chapada dos Guimarães ( just beside the Northern Pantanal area) are very interesting and worth to experience.

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